For Why Choose Us

We, Surprise Test have a vision to become backbones of institutes who are focused on development of a child to that level that no competitive test will become the hurdle in career of the student. So, we are giving you an extra edge to get the child ready for any competition from the foundation level or can say beginner level.

We at Surprise Test help efficiently utilising your expensive faculty resources and minimise the burden of your faculty for preparation, evaluation and result declaration for the mock tests.

We are giving you competitive edge as most of the tests are gradually getting online. Be ahead of your competition by moving online and offer students real environment for the tests.

Quality Questions with Detailed Solution

Surprisetest provides you more than 1 lakh questions with detailed solution to get revision and preparation before every test and exam

Detailed Analysis

Surprisetest lets student evaluate his/her performance with our Analytics Section where he will get Quantitative and Qualitative Report for each and every test

Progress Tracker

Surprisetest helps a student track his performance, with visual graphs and stats. It lets the student understand his weak areas and spots that need be polished before moving on to a new topic.

Tests Prepared by Experts

All the tests and sample papers are prepared by Subject Matter Experts graduated from IITs, NITs, and top medical colleges from all over India.

Digital Friendly Tests

Conduct your online tests powered with automatic checking, so that you don't waste time on checking papers ever again

Variety of Tests

Topic-wise, Sectional & Mock Tests in actual test format

Previous Year Exam Papers with Solution

Get preparation and solution for all previous years question papers.

Sample Papers for Board Exams

Surprisetest provides you multiple set of questions to ace your preparation for Board Exams with all the expected questions in Board Exams

Olympiads and Competitive Exams Preparation Material

Surprisetest provides Olympiads and other competitive exams level questions to icrease a child's capability and real potential that may help him survive better in today's modern competitive world.

Flexibility to Choose Course

Surprisetest provides a lot of flexibility and choice at one place. A student can always try different subjects, topics and levels to test out his ability

Unmatchable Cost and Quality

Prepare with 500+ tests at the cheapest price.