For Student

Our Online Test platform ( which focus to give strength to the students at foundation level. Our Surprise Test platform is simple and easy to use as the students are from junior classes. We are providing class level practice papers, Olympiads preparation material and live test to monitor the student progress and performance.

Online Test Series

Surprise Test provides 150+ test series for Foundation, Olympiads, Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams. These test series cover all the topics from each & every chapter as well as Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests.

Chapter Wise Tests

Chapter Wise Test get all the chapters and topics covered for Olympiads, Curriculum, Foundation, Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams. This will help your institute generate the Class Tests Chapter-Wise.

Part Tests

Surprise Test has smartly made Part Tests that cover the syllabus quarterly (3 to 4 chapters usually). This doesn’t require any effort to make the tests. Also, it is a smart revision technique to analyse the students’ performance weekly.

Live Tests

Live Tests are All India Live tests that are organized by Surprise Test. More than 2Lac Students take part in these tests. These tests give an AIR to your Student with respect to other Students. With this Live Test feeling students get motivation and see the real picture of his/her preparation with respect to other students.

Standard Wise Tests

You get an ease of choosing all the mentioned tests Class-Wise. All the Standards along with all the subjects are covered in Standard-Wise Test. These tests will help the students to get more practiced with their school curriculum.

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