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Detailed Analysis

Comprises of your performance in a single test based on which you will be suggested the essential areas of improvement. We will pinpoint to you the particular topics that need brushing along with per question per option comparisons across all performers.

Quantitative & Qualititative Analysis

In this section we provide analysis based on performance data across tests with suggestive comparisons of your accuracy, speed, average and highest score with a first of its kind Diligence Chart - all of which will help you grow along with every test you take.

Leaderboard & Challenge a Friend

Here, a friend invites you challenging you to better his score . Accept the invitation and change the leaderboard.

Improve Score

We understand if you could not perform to the best of your abilities the first time. Not to worry, take the test again, improve your score and challenge a friend altogether.

Taking Tests were never more fun.

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